What is G.R.P ?

G.R.P stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester, outside the industry it is commonly referred to as fiberglass.

Sheets of glass fiber matting are layered over a mould which is then coated with

a special resin.

The mixture is then left to set naturally or for quicker results is placed in an oven.

The hardened polymer is then decorated and polished according to the customer’s specified finish.

  • A specific resistance, 2 to 4 times higher traditional materials, allows significant save of weight.

    According to applications, a G.R.P solution (70 % fibers, 30 % resin) allows a weight save, for equal resistance, up to:

    • 60 % in comparison to stainless steel.
    • 65 % in comparison to aluminum.
    • 75 % in comparison to hot dip galvanized steel.

    General Technical Specification

  • Products can be manufactured to either:

    1. General purpose (GP) grade (all products)
    2. BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 (all products)
    3. BS 476 Part 6 Class ‘O’ (all products)
    4. BS 476 Part 7 Class 2 (all products)


30 x 10^ (-6) /Deg C

FACT: Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow and warp in extremes of temperature.

Panels can be manufactured to the following:

B.S. 4800 Color Range

B.S. 5252 Color Range

RAL Color Range.

A color match service is also available.

193 MPa

FACT: Flexural strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.


Panels can be manufactured to any length but with a width restriction of 1525mm. Standard product range can be manufactured to literally any thickness from 2mm upward.



7.1 GPa

GRP sheet is up to seven times stronger than mild steel on a weight for weight basis.